About Us

More than 100 years of legacy

Mayapuri Group of publications began more than 100 years ago, in 1882 under the name Arorbans Press, established in the capital of undivided India, Lahore. After partition, the group shifted its head office to Delhi under the leadership of Shri Anand Prakash Bajaj. He expanded his printing facilities and launched the first children’s magazine, Lotpot. Today Mr. Aman Bajaj, MD & CEO and his father Mr. Pramod Kumar Bajaj run this house of content.

The start of something new

Mayapuri was founded in 1974 by Shri A. P. Bajaj. It quickly became synonymous with Bollywood entertainment news & gossip in the Hindi speaking heartland and has continued its reign for the last 5 decades.

Today, Mayapuri has become a cultural phenomenon with 2500+ issues in Hindi language, has sold over 100 million copies, with more than 1.5 million copies sold every year.

Besides Mayapuri, we also have a collection of comic characters covered in Lotpot Comics of which Motu Patlu on Nickelodeon today is India’s highest grossing show and Sheikh Chilli on Discovery Kids is a favourite among our young fans.

Mr. Pramod Kumar Bajaj Mayapuri

The pioneer of entertainment

Mr. Pramod Kumar Bajaj joined the business in 1964 and took the baton of making Mayapuri a household name. Under his leadership and guidance, Mayapuri started ruling the hearts of Bollywood fans and does so even today. He is also the editor of Mayapuri and looks after the day-to-day running of the publication.

Mr. Aman Bajaj, MD & CEO of Mayapuri Group

Carrying the torch ahead

Under the guidance of Mr. Aman Bajaj, MD & CEO of Mayapuri, the group has expanded its business into digital content, TV shows, mobile apps, and movies. Apart from Mayapuri, the Nickelodeon show Motu Patlu, which is based on Lotpot comic characters, is the highest grossing show of India. Another one of fan favourites is our show Sheikh Chilli, which is aired on Discovery Kids. Over 800,000 fans follow us across our social media channels, including YouTube. Thus, even after 50 years, Mayapuri is still India’s favourite mass entertainer!

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